New casinos

New casinos are added to our list every day. We regularly update this list with the latest information about new grand casinos, their exclusive bonuses and unique reviews. Playing on new online casinos is perfect for those who want to try out a new game adventure or find your new favorite casino.

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New casinos 2019

Här på casinocreature älskar vi när ett nytt casino presenteras och 2019 är ett år fylld med intressanta lanseringar. Därför är vi ständigt snabba på pucken med tydliga recensioner och betyg för varje casino. Med flera års erfarenhet av helt nya casinon så vet vi vad som krävs för att imponera på svenska spelare. En välkomnande trend är att många nya nätcasinon har blivit betydligt bättre på att erbjuda snabba uttag.

Hitta ett nytt casino du kan lita på

Sverige är ett land i framkant inom casinobranschen och till spelarnas fördel är det sällan det lanseras dåliga casinon år 2019. Om du letar efter ett nytt casino så är ett tips att kolla på deras bonus. Många casinon firar ofta sin lansering med en exklusiv bonus. För att du enkelt ska kunna se vad som är unikt med varje bonus har vi kommenterat detta genom "vi gillar". Vi får löpande färska nyheter om kommande lanseringar. Det allra senaste är att många utländska casinon tittar på att lansera i Sverige nu när spellicensen införs vid årsskiftet.

Top list of best new casinos November 2019

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Owlie helps you find new casinos

New casinosThe casino jungle is not only deep, it also changes constantly. However, you do not have to worry. Owlie simply has full control! Now he keeps his eyes open at new casinos in 2019 . We have seen several cool new casinos launched in recent years, among other things,  Spinjuju has seen the light of day, and by 2019 seems to have many more casino surprises in the rock hub.

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Biggest bonus right now
Editorial new favorites

Why are so many new casinos started?

We Britans simply love to play casino games online! Many new casinos also focus on different things that attract different audiences. In addition, some casinos are oriented or primarily built to attract different markets and countries.

New casinos mean new themes

The most exciting casinos have some sort of niche. As mentioned earlier, this is to find the right to different audiences, but also to make things all the more enjoyable. The most famous niche may be the exclusive, sophisticated casino style with the red carpet and the entire choir. We start to feel that it feels a little bit tired.

Owlie has found a lot of gold grains that have cool and exciting themes. For those who like that little extra besides an "all-around casino", Owlie can recommend Lucky8 .

Who starts new casinos?

Starting a casino is not easy. It requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience. Mostly, casinos are already established to test a new niche or something new cool theme, but there are also a lot of entrepreneurs who work in the gaming industry for several years, deciding to launch their own casino.

A trend we noted among popular new casinos 2019 is that many existing casinos launch new casinos with different names and themes. For example, Rizk and Kaboo, behind the levers, are controlled by the same systems and companies, namely the Norwegian company GIG. It's no disadvantage to us who play, but every new casino offers unique welcome bonus and theme. Actually perfect for us who love to play at casinos online!

Recently, GIG has launched a brand new casino, namely Highroller . With all the experience and knowledge they have, there is a lot to say that the new Highroller can be really grand.

Biggest bonus right now

With the launch of more new casinos, competition is also tightening. Both new and older casinos. The advantage for us players is that the welcome packages are getting better and better. Here we list the British casinos  who pushed out the biggest bonuses for those who love to play big games.

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Advantages of new casinos 2019

What are the benefits of starting to play at a new casino? Several, actually! Many casinos start up in a proper "redo, do the right" spirit and of course try to compete with their competitors by offering better deals, faster withdrawals and, moreover, a better casino experience. Testing a new casino also means that you get a proper and beneficial welcome bonus.

So when looking at new casinos in general, the benefits are many. When we review the casinos we will do it in depth, and we have found patterns that many new casinos seem to follow.

New casinos 2019 provide generous bonuses.A new casino may be great, but it does not matter if nobody plays or even knows about the casino. New casinos therefore attract their players with generous welcome bonuses so that you as a player get a foot through the door. Looking for new casinos in 2019, you can always expect a welcome welcome bonus to maximize your winnings. You can be the one who draws the longest straw with a free bonus without deposit requirements! So when you talk about casino bonuses, do not forget that 90% of the times are about a welcome bonus, that is, a bonus you get when you register as a new player. Once you have registered as a new player, you will not be able to access the same casino's new welcome pack in one year if updated. There are of course good bonuses to download as an existing player at a casino, but maybe not always as good as the welcome bonus. That's why it's extra fun when a new casino starts, so everyone gets the opportunity to register and enjoy the welcome bonus. It does not matter if you have 3 or 12 accounts at other casinos, everybody has to reboot when a new casino is launched.
New casinos who care. 
The difference between quality and experience can vary greatly between older and new casinos. One thing that goes without saying is that the smaller casinos will always care more about you as a player. The biggest and oldest casinos often have the convenience of many customers that you are easily "forgotten" or "one in the crowd". New casinos are usually incredibly hungry and make every effort to make every customer happy. In addition, a little newer and smaller casino always has a more personal feel. It's basically like comparing home-made burgers with McDonalds. The difference is huge! Now that there are so many different new casinos to choose from, it's important that you, as a new player, easily get customer support and get good answers to their questions, otherwise you'll leave and start playing somewhere. The range of casinos is too big today and if you do not like a casino, you simply change. That's exactly what the new casinos want to avoid, it obviously wants to take care of you as a player and hence keep you.
New casinos who want to be the best at all. If you start a new casino today, you do not have much to lose. Competition is really great and to stand out from the crowd, one has to offer a better product than others. Many new casinos 2019 come with a "redo, do the right" attitude and want to make the casino as good and beneficial as possible for their players. They want to offer faster withdrawals, better bonuses, and more advantageous bonus rules than their competitors. Obviously, something you like casino players can take advantage of!

Here's how new casinos keep you like players

What makes us British players stay at a casino? It's a constant issue and casinos use different methods to preserve you as players.

In the past, it was common for you to earn so-called "VIP points" when playing slots or other casino games online. Often, you could exchange the points against cash bonuses or buy clothes or gifts in an online shop. There are still a lot of casinos that have this concept, new and old.

Another common kind of bonus you get as loyal casino players are beneficial bonuses, usually once or twice a week. These bonuses can consist of match bonuses (Deposit 100 Few 100) or bonuses without deposit. Some casinos also hand out free spins to their depositing players every week.

However, developments are moving forward, and in recent years many new casino concepts have emerged. VIP programs and loyalty have been taken to an extreme level. Casinos with innovative thinking have, among other things, created exclusive level systems that are rewarded for "living up". Other concepts are based on exploring fantasy worlds and meeting different bosses to win different types of rewards.

Casinos Rizk has, among other things, taken loyalty programs to a new level for their "Wheel of Rizk", where you can win jackpots, free rebounds and other bonuses without sales requirements every time you go up one level!
Some new casinos also attract you who play a lot and for a little bigger sums. At HappyHugo you get sales-free bonuses on each deposit, forever!

There are many new casinos that reward you who play a lot, and that's why we rate these programs for every single casino. During the year, several new casinos will be launched with loyalty in focus, where we will keep an eye on Frank & Fred as planned to launch during the year. A casino with a good loyalty program guarantees you a really good value for money. Hope it tastes!

Free subscription or deposit bonus on new casinos

Should you choose a free throw or deposit bonus on your  first deposit? We at casinocreature take our job seriously, and have studied the math and the value behind all the bonuses. We always print information as a sales claim and dispatch any queries about all the bonuses our new casinos offer.

Most often, the best bonuses are those that give you an extra amount of bonus money on your first deposit. Keep an eye out for percentage bonuses that give you 100% or more extra - they usually have the highest value. These bonuses are usually the highest in new casinos, something we specialize in!

A large amount of free spins can also have enormous value, as it may end up with a bigger amount of bonus money after using your free rebound.

No matter what you're looking for, there's CasinoWings. Through the Casino Compass , you can easily filter the casinos for different types of bonuses, its sales requirements, and betting options.

Play at new casinos via mobile

You may be a malicious mobile user? Our website adapts to the size of your handheld device so you do not have to zoom in and out. Nowadays, about 50% of all casino players play online from their mobile phones, so we have obviously made sure that all of our new casinos work flawlessly on the phone.

There are some casinos that have taken this one step further and created new, well-developed apps for Android and iOS (iPhones operating system) for their casino product. They usually fly the best but it is a taste of what you prefer. Some still prefer to play in the browser for simplicity. Mobile casinos can also be filtered when using the Casino Compass.

New casinos 2019 without deposit requirements

Bonuses without deposit often sound too good to be true, but there are alternatives. The casino jungle is of course nothing impossible and there are actually many new casinos 2019 that offer free bonuses without any deposit requirements.

These bonuses are distributed in different variants. It is usually common for casinos to break down freerolls in installments. One example is that you can get 10 free runs per day for 15 days, giving you 150 freezes. This, of course, varies from casino to casino, and you can also get 50 free runs at a time.

Quick Question: Can I withdraw a win from a bonus without deposit?

Ja, i casinodjungeln kan som sagt allt hända. Vi har sett och hört folk vinna flera hundra tusen kronor för sina free spins. Vissa casinon har däremot tillämpat en spärr på hur mycket man kan ta ut för sina gratisbonusar. Denna spärr skiljer sig från casino till casino men ligger som lägst runt tusenlappen, men JA, casinona betalar ut dina vinster!

All information kring hur gratissnurren delas ut står i våra casinorecensioner, och vi rekommenderar verkligen att ni läser igenom dessa så att ni inte blir besvikna i efterhand. Här nedanför listar vi några personliga favoriter på casinon som erbjuder bonus utan insättning.

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Can it really win jackpot at a new casino?

A classic misconception is that it is not as easy to win jackpots at new casinos in 2019. This because of the fact that so few spins would have been made in the jackpot game for a jackpot to fall out. That is not correct. Jackpot games and all other games come from third party vendors and not from the casino itself. That means that it is exactly the same machine you play, but in another casino.

You have the same chance of winning the jackpot in a new casino and small casino like in an old and big. As long as the game is available, you have as much chance as everyone to win.

Sir Jackpot is an example of casinos aimed at jackpots. They offer a jackpot guide that technically calculated how many turns it takes for the jackpot to fall out on average. Clean scratch shows which machines are hot and which ones are a little colder.

What to look for to find a safe new casino?

Are you eagerly looking for new casinos 2019? Of course, there are more in the casino jungle, and we are here to set your hunger. How do you know that a new casino is safe? Some people feel like they want to wait a while and maybe read some reviews before testing a new casino. There are several aspects to look at, and it differs, of course, from person to person what is considered safe or not. When looking at the subject of safety, we mainly have customer service, payments and licensing in mind.

For us Britans, it may be important for Swedish-speaking customer service, or that it is available 24 hours a day. Many, of course, prefer to make payments in a fast and easy way.

Another thing to look for when looking for new casinos is the license. At the bottom of the casino's websites, you can find information about its license. If the casino is licensed in Malta or Curacao then you do not have to worry. These licensors have hard rules that these new casinos must follow to obtain and, in turn, maintain their license.

We at casinocreature have taken care of the racing for you. All our casinos are licensed and have good rumors. If support and payout times are important to you, you can easily filter your casinos by payout, customer service, and opening hours. We have over 70 British casinos , all of which are manually controlled by our casino experts. Our focus 2019 is to fill with even more new casinos.

Editorial Favorites of New Casinos 2019

We in the casinocreature editors have of course our favorite casinos. We have received the question many times, which casinos can you personally recommend? We agreed to make a top three list of the best new casinos last year. As mentioned, these casinos are entirely based on our personal preferences, and we can strongly recommend them.

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Why do the editors like these three new casinos like much? Of course, we have thoroughly reviewed what we like with these three favorites.

HappyHugo,  we love the great actor in the editorial team. There are many reasons for it. This new casino has taken generosity and loyalty to a new level, since they offer deposit bonuses without any turnover requirements on each deposit! If you play a lot, there is no casino that can compete in "value for money". The tickets are paid fast as the flash, the design is wonderful and you also get free running every Monday and Friday! And yes, of course, these bonuses are also free of turnover. We will keep an eye on HappyHugo, the new casino that targets the stars!
Rizk  is a common favorite for many reasons. Perhaps that's because the brand stands out from the crowd, or because the loyalty program called "Wheel of Rizk" is absolutely superb. It may also have to do with all game providers Rizk has to offer. Maybe we should mention that they offer a 200% deposit bonus for new casino players as well. Could it be better? Ask Captain Rizk, he shows the way!
Dunder Casino  is no longer a brand new casino but still one that we at casinocreature watched long before it was even launched. It is Casumo who took the world by storm 2012 behind the casino and there were many who were eagerly waiting for it to launch. Just like Rizk, you get a 200% deposit bonus when you start your adventure in this new casino. Frequent and generous bonuses await you in a wonderful casino environment. Here are hundreds of games and the tickets are always paid out on the same day.

We all love each other, so we still recommend looking around for a casino that suits you. We do not think you should take our word on it - try out this new casino yourself!

Is there really a chance for me to win?

Okay, we have to start with a scenario. So that we all agree on what's going on. Peter has just come to Las Vegas - Casino's Mecka. He is there with three kiddies and they will spend three nights at Bellagio. There is a point on the schedule - to bring home the big win at the VIP table. But how will he do it?

Peter wants to be a mate with the dealer George Day one. Even though the staff can not create close relationships with customers, they still find each other, during Georgia's day off by the pool. In addition to talking about the difference between British casinos and the new casinos on site, they bowl at the pool. Peter feels he can influence the game.

George begins a workout and Peter along with his gang goes out and tests the bars outside. He thought he had learned everything - how to overcome the chance. Peter is dreaming about how these safe and controlled casinos will be lucky when he's back in place.

What he did not know was that it's not casinos (or George for the part) that could affect his chance of winning money. The amount of money that can potentially be awarded in winnings is already pre-programmed in the game.

So, back to reality. We leave Peter and his gang. Yes, you may be resourceful at the moment. "What does the game manufacturer decide on the profit?". That is absolutely true. Whether it's a new casino or something that has been on the market for a long time. Or if it's a casino in Las Vegas or if it's a British casino that was launched as late as 2019. Everyone works with game makers, such as popular NetEnt.

Game manufacturers have their own time. The money you win, ie "return to player" (RTP), is determined in advance in each game that the game manufacturer has created. The highest possible return to player is 98 percent. This means that if you add $ 100, you can get back 98 kr.

In addition to the fact that the gaming companies decide "return to player" (RTP), there is also something called "RNG" which means "random number generator" and it can easily be described as a guarantee to you as a player. You should always make sure that the game manufacturer makes use of the chance when the winnings are awarded. That means you can actually win several hundred thousand crowns by depositing as little as 10 crowns.

So, if we go back to the scenario where Peter believes he has overlooked what's required to get home profits, he's totally wrong. All serious game makers have an RNG, so you'll never have to feel fooled or manipulated.

RNG also goes hand in hand with a safe casino, not to mention it's a controlled casino. Independent companies control these and thus can not look like Peter manipulates a result.

Here at casinocreature, we take it one step further - we want all new casinos (and old ones) to be serious. By that we mean that they should have a license, that they have British support and that you will not be cheated on money. Nor should they be blacklisted. The casinos you see on our site are the ones you can earn money on.

How can I easily see when a new casino is launched?

Owlie Owlie, who is our loyal servant at casinocreature, is watching everything happening in the casino jungle. We look forward to listing all new casinos 2019, and we recommend you hang out with us if you want to keep up with all the day-to-day casino units we have to come up with. Owlie stands for the safety and wisdom of casino gaming, and from the point of view we are reviewing new casinos in 2019.

Add casinocreature as a bookmark in your browser to keep up with the latest news in the ever-crazy casino jungle. Here are the best tips for new casinos, bonuses, and everything that belongs to!

Trends in 2019

As mentioned, we list not only new casinos 2019. We often take the temples of the casino jungle and compare the casinos with each other. We are also looking forward to new ideas and industry-related news. By 2019 we have seen new casinos with new fresh ideas, such as Codeta, which put all the focus on live casino .

Live casinos are becoming more common today , and that's the principle what it sounds like. You play at your computer or phone but see a real dealer sitting in front of a camera and sharing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel. It certainly gives that exclusive feeling you get at a real casino, and the dealer often seems to be very interactive and enjoyable.
We've also got a glimpse of Virtual Reality (VR) casinos and it seems like we've gotten the future. To celebrate dream winnings with friends in the high-roller room feels unreal, but it may be possible shortly. By 2019, we are guaranteed to see new casinos with unique VR environments, and that's something we're incredibly excited about.
The game's design and features are also constantly evolving. NetEnt has been UK's most popular game provider for some years, but in recent years we have seen many throats to the throne. Yggdrasil, Quickspin and Play N 'Go are new game makers who made success in recent years. Yggdrasil has primarily stolen casino players' hearts with built-in tournaments and lotteries in their games.

We also want to make sure that you can use the Casino Compass to filter out casinos that have games from your favorite providers.

New casinos on TV

It is not entirely unusual for us to watch casinos in UK watch television commercials when watching tv on a Tuesday night, or why not Friday and Saturday night? Yes, it's no secret that casinos do television commercials every day, all year round.

It may seem that we watch the same TV commercials from casinos all the time, but the truth is actually different. If we take back the band a bit to 2011-2012, watching the new casinos of the past, we will find LeoVegas and Casumo . Both started in pure new starters with an idea and big drive, and the more players they got in, they could market more. Everything to reach out to casino players who like their casinos. The math is simple, the more players they got in - the better the product they could offer.

Today, in 2019, we are so used to television commercials from both LeoVegas and Casumo. Then we can think back to 2011, when actually none of these casinos felt again. You have to start somewhere, simply.

In early December 2016, we experienced a TV record in UK. The gathering event Musikhjälpen, auctioned together with the Filip & Fredrik profiles, a commercial. The auction turned out to be really popular and several companies bid on the commercials. It ended with Casumo winning and taking record in Music Assistance. A total of £3.4 million landed the auction. Money that goes directly to charity. It is an interesting step by Casumo, which, with this record sum, shows new appreciated pages of the casino industry.

What are today's new casinos then, as we will recognize without problems in 2-4 years? If we look at what new players have taken the casino business in the past year, we actually find some pearls that shine a bit extra.

The adventurous Kaboo launch , launched in the fall of 2015, made television commercials both during the launch and later in 2016. The launcher Rizk , launched in early 2016, owned by a Norwegian company, has long been making television commercials in Norway. But today we can watch TV commercials for Rizk, even in UK.

We have also seen new launches of older casinos, including Maria Casino, which launched a new profile, and used both TV and radio as an important marketing channel.

Traditional casinos also invest

Despite the launch of many new casinos, it does not automatically rule out the older and traditional casinos that actually laid the foundation for the casino business we are seeing today. Old foxes like Unibet and Cherry Casino have done a lot and they could say that they to some extent paved the way for other casino companies.

It is noticeable that these older casinos notice competition, as they continue to focus on improving their bonuses and products. A good example is Maria Casino, who made a brand new version of their casino by 2016, with major efforts on both TV and radio advertising thereafter. A very successful move of Maria Casino, we think.

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Why is monitoring of new casinos needed (statistics for 2019)

The number of new online casinos is increasing each year. According to a calculation we made at casinocreature, an average of 20 new casinos are launched annually.

According to BOS, the Industry Organization for Online Games, in 2016 there were a total of 116 casinos targeting the British gaming market. According to our calculation, we found 126 casinos.

Since we have a monopoly in UK, these casinos are located outside UK. Therefore, there is no official database where you can easily see all new casinos. It can also explain why statistics about the number of casinos vary depending on who you ask. The statistics should therefore be seen as an estimate.

The gaming market in UK has never before been greater than in 2019. Given that the gaming market in UK is regulated, new casino players start overseas but with British support and marketing.

The regulated market increased its total turnover by three percent, while foreign players targeting the British gaming market increased by 16 percent, according to the Lottery Inspectorate.

Among foreign players we find Unibet, Betsson and Casumo. In total, foreign players account for 23% of the gaming market in UK.

In addition to the addition of new casinos, older casinos disappear, which are no longer good for various reasons. The number of casinos can therefore vary from month to month, even if new ones occur.

We at casinocreature always review both old and new casinos so we can deliver a prickly and safe list of all British casinos .

casinocreature summarizes new casinos

In summary, one can say that the choice of new casinos is huge. It's not easy to know what's best or what you prefer as a new casino player. There are different types of bonuses, sales requirements, and different types of freezes on registration or deposit. Some casinos pay more payouts and some have customer service open in British 24 hours a day. A new trend we noted in UK is also a casino without registration , which makes it easier to get started and faster to handle payments.

Whatever you're looking for, we've already been looking for you, and that's the whole idea behind casinocreature existence. Whether you're on the subway with your mobile phone, on the couch with your iPad, or in the chair in front of the computer, you can easily find a tailor made casino that suits you.

We specialize in new casinos but have as mentioned above 70 casinos to choose and wrap between - new and old.

After we have now reviewed how things work on new casinos, you can easily and easily filter casinos according to your wishes or expectations. Use the Casino Compass to set exactly what you need. Here you can filter on different types of deposit bonuses, bonuses without deposit, game vendors, customer service hours, loyalty programs and much more. Find the right casino with the help of us and achieve the ultimate goal - to find a casino to enjoy.

Your flying friend in the casino jungle

New casinos 2019Our passion has consisted of casino but for many years fun! As you can see, there are thousands of casinos online with lots of promotions, freezes, loyalty programs and promotions. The advantage of competition is that the gaming companies are constantly striving to offer their players the best bonuses in the market.

5 reasons to love Owlie

Only British casinos verified by casino experts
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Always the latest and best from the casino world
Only day-to-date and current bonuses and offers
Bus-free, whether you're using a computer, mobile phone or tablet

Whether you're looking for new casinos, deposit bonuses, free rebounds, free money, quick withdrawals, beneficial loyalty programs or a quick and easy-to-use customer service, our absolute goal is to help you find the right casino - tailored to your requirements. We take you under our wings and make sure you land softly where you belong.

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